Confessional: Part Deux

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It's Friday, girls and boys! Let's do some truth telling!

1. I'm quite possibly addicted to The Real Housewives of Orange County. I'm a little ashamed to admit that because other than The Bachelor (which I also love), it might be the most shallow show on TV. My favorite cast member this season is still Gretchen. She has the best hair and I kind of love that she called Tamera out in the season's first episode. However, I gotta say, my fiance is WAY hotter than stinky, slimy Slade ; ) I seriously do NOT get the hooplah surrounding that guy....

2. My gym going has not improved or increased this week and honestly, I don't feel that bad. I had a doctor's appointment this week and actually LOST a pound since a couple weeks ago when I last checked the scale. This in itself is a small miracle, but oh my gracious...I've been eating enough Mexican food to satisfy a small army lately.

3. I have had the biggest urge to buy a bright yellow dress lately. Seeing the lemon striped beauty from the Lilly Pulitzer post yesterday did not help my case any. A little pricey, but I think it might have to come on the honeymoon with us : )

4. You might want to sit down for this one, ladies...I may have found a maxi dress that I like! It's from Maude and it's so pretty! Perfect for summer days when you just need something easy and breezy. Again, totally a honeymoon-worthy dress!

5. As much as I like fall, winter and spring, I think I'd be ok with skipping summer. Is it weird that I'm already dreading the miserable heat and humidity that southern summers are known for?

6. There is a bucket of Einstein Brothers bagels in our advertising office here at work and I'm about to go eat one.

7. ...or two

Have a great weekend, y'all!

Be blessed, lovelies-


  1. Ahhh, I miss Einsteins! I used to go to the one on campus at Emory and get a large vanilla/hazelnut coffee and a chocolate chip coffee cake. The closest one to me now is down on the coast. So sad!

  2. You need that yellow dress! It would be adorable on you! Cannot wait to see all of the fabulous honeymoon outfits!

  3. Nothing says a sweet southern honeymoon like those two dresses! They're a must! And I will envy your Mexican food consumption from afar, as the closest this Texan can get to Tex-Mex is Chipotle :/ Have a fab weekend!

  4. that yellow dress is too cute - i think it's calling your name ;) and personally, i can't wait for summer! it probably has something to do with me being in a place that is known for its chilly temps until April. yikes!

  5. Loving those dresses oh so much! Have a fabulous weekend! And enjoy the bagel! XOXO!

  6. I love when we get bagels at work! Eat two!! It's Friday :)

  7. Love your randomness.

    I'd eat the box (well, the contents of the box. Ha!)

    And I'll take each dress, please. :)

    Sophisticated Steps

  8. I love watching the OC Housewives, too! In fact, I think they are my favorites of all the locales. I also would be up for skipping summer myself! Hope you have a fabulous weekend!!

  9. That maxi dress is precious!!!

  10. Yellow looks amazing on blondes!

  11. I am totally addicted to the Real Housewives too! I can't wait to see what happens with Vicki and Don!

  12. Oh my gosh, the Real Housewives are my guiltiest of pleasures! I love all of the different cities, but Orange County is undoubtedly my favorite... The disfunction makes me feel so normal and easy going even on my worst of days!

    And that yellow dress... 100% adorable!

    I'm a new follower and just love your style and sweet blog!

  13. love love love the yellow dress!! i bought one last summer and adore it!! it photographs so well too!!!

  14. that yellow dress is just gorgeous - i saw one today on Mod and just loved it! go you for eating Mexican food and keeping off the weight and that Maxi dress is to die for!

  15. AHHH i need that maxi dress. it is stunning.. plus your blog is totally gorgeous! so happy i found you!
    Lindsay xo


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