Trend Watch Wednesday: {Beach Bum}


I live in the great state of Arkansas. Home of Bill Clinton, Wal-Mart, Tyson and Johnny Cash- all good things, in my opinion. We've got trees galore, mountains a'plenty, but sadly, no beaches.

Ok, well, we have man-made beaches at some of our lakes, but no picturesque, cerulean blue water. No dunes of sand. No cabanas to sit underneath while sipping a mojito.

It's Arkansas. We do rivers and hills. Beaches? Not our forte.

I said all of that to say, I really, really wish I was somewhere on an island with a beautiful beach in front of me this week. It's been downright dreary around here lately and this pasty white skin needs some vitamin D.

Doubtful Arkansas will sprout a beach anytime soon, or an ocean, so instead I'll just have to make do with these pretty pictures of stuff to wear to the pool. I love both of the swimsuits below from Piperlime. I love having a one piece option, as well as a two piece, depending on what mood I'm in.

Both suits by Roberta Roller Rabbit

A good cover-up is worth its weight in gold. Be sure to look for breathable fabrics in light colors with a comfy fit. Throw on a pair of jeans or shorts to take you from the beach to the market.

Or in my case, from the pool to Wal-Mart. I don't believe I've ever shopped at a "market".

Cover-up by Roberta Roller Rabbit

There are so many cute beach bags nowadays that double as purses, but my all-time fav is the original from Longchamp. I've had mine for years and LOVE it! The navy color and classic design make this bag timeless and elegant!

Longchamp tote bag

Finally, cute shoes are a must for warmer weather. I especially love the zebra sandals from Sam Edelman.

(clockwise from top left) Kensie Girl- Jett; Report- Lucas; BCBG Max Azria- Malaga; Sam Edelman- Gigi

Ok, beach bums! Have you bought anything cute for summer yet?

Be blessed, lovelies-


  1. great picks!! i love the vintage swimsuits via modcloth and shabby apple!! happy wednesday! :)

  2. Oh how cute! I will be shopping for summer in mid April as ever - bags and bathers and dresses, oh my!


  3. I love love beach bags! They make me smile :)

  4. love that sweet ruffled one piece... and three cheers for longchamp... definitely my favorite bag too!

  5. great picks there! i am excited for some spring and summer shopping! so far though, i have yet to purchase anything.

  6. Will you hate me if I tell you I live in Miami and I can go to the beach any day? 'Cuz I do...well...live in Miami...but sadly, my pale skin doesn't see the beach much. {Gasp. I know.}

    Well, maybe you'll like me if I tell you that not only do I LOVE the one piece ruffled suit...but it's the only one of the two I'd ever wear again. Ummm...after babies...even if you're thin...things, as in stomachs, just never look the same. So, I'll let you wear the bikini. Be glad you can and I'll try to like you for it. ;)

  7. I used my Longchamp bag as my beachbag for years until I had kids and required a beach bag the size of Texas....

  8. Just got a new pair of "summer" sandals from Neiman's Last Call...So pumped about them...and warm weather! Love the one piece!

  9. I've bought two cute bathing suits from VS and the cover-up was horrible. So I'm still on the hunt for that!

    Cute stuff! Love that cover-up!

  10. This post has me dreaming of the beach!! That I won't be sitting on until SEPTEMBER!! That seems like a lifetime away!!

  11. I'm loving everything about this post! I can hardly wait to wear swimsuits, carry cute beach totes and wear shoes that show my sassy painted toes!

  12. Love that eyelet cover up! That's going on my honeymoon wish list!

  13. Where could I go to find that cover up? It's so cute.

  14. The ruffled one piece is so sexy. I have a pink one by Juicy Couture and I always feel so glamorous when I wear it. One piece suits had a frumpy reputation, but the sexy new stylings are anything but boring. More is better in this case.

  15. Juicy made a suit a while back that was almost identical to the black ruffled one. TOOOOO cute. Yeah, these are the times that I'd move back to LA and Tampa in a heartbeat. Silly Arkansas.

  16. seeing as how i'm at the beach right now (and praising the good Lord above that that's where i am!), i am loving this post! that white bathing suit cover up is gorgeous - i may have to check that out for this summer.

    i just bought a pair of boyfriend denim shorts from j. crew that are too cute...never thought i'd hop on the "jorts" train, but i sure did and i'm okay with it! :)


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