Fun with Hats

Hey lovelies! Well, we had a fun-filled weekend of nothingness. It was grand. Both S and I were so ready for a couple of days of being lazy and being lazy is just what we did.

Saturday, we did some tux shopping for the wedding and then had a lunch date at P.F. Chang's. We also picked up some sweet new lids from the hat store for the boat this summer.

A photoshoot then ensued...

Bathroom photo shoot...don't make fun, we needed a mirror : )

Like our hats?

Take two...

Ari loves to make out...
Such a cute, furry guy...
...like I said, he loves to make out...
Be still my heart : )
Yesterday we took the little man (Ari) for a nice long walk, saw a matinee of The Adjustment Bureau and cooked a fabulous dinner of steak, baked potato, asparagus and mac-n-cheese.

Good weekend, y'all. Good weekend.

What did you do during the past two days?

Be blessed lovelies-


  1. I love weekends when you're free to nothing or something. My hubby and I did even less than you guys did. In fact, the only time I went out of the house was to go grocery shopping. While it sounds extremely lazy, it was pretty much heaven. Glad you had a lovely weekend :-)

  2. Your weekend sounds lovely! Haha, my dog loves to try and make out too. :)

  3. Your dinner made me hungry - off to lunch I go! Ha!

    Y'all look so cute :)

  4. I so agree-- The Boy and I can tend to get so wound up in plans and constantly going on the weekends that we're worn out by Sunday night all over again. We have a rule, even if we have to schedule it in, to have at least one weekend each month where we make no commitments other than to hang out together. It can seem so corny, but it's amazing what that relaxing downtime can do for you! Have a fab week!

  5. your hat is too cute! Sounds like a great weekend. We had plans to do a ton of things but most feel through the cracks. It seemed nicer since the weather was beautiful to just sit on the porch and relax!

  6. Sounds like a great weekend!! Love the hats :) I love old school team logos!! Where did you get your cardigan? Very cute!

  7. lol! I think all dogs love to make out. Sounds like a fun and delicious weekend. We had a lazy weekend too. Homemade brownies and pizza :)

  8. Love the pics! Ya'll are such a cute little fam already! :)Did you like the movie? Been debating about seeing it... TBD..

  9. love your blog
    im a new follower
    wanted to say hey:)

  10. JLN- Got the cardi from Ann Taylor Loft earlier this year for $20! So comfy and goes with anything!

  11. Sweet, sweet couple and beautiful Ari! Looks like you guys had a really laid back, fun weekend together!

  12. so cute! love the blog. i am a new follower. please follow me @ www.v-salt.com

  13. You two are such a beautiful couple!

  14. Lazy weekends are soooo replenishing! Your Sunday dinner sounds delish.


  15. You guys are too cute!! It's been awhile since I've visited your blog. Hope all is well!

  16. your dog is absolutely stunning! i have bernese mountain dog at home...the bigger the dog the better!

  17. You are stinkin' adorable! :) I love it!!
    Sounds like a great weekend my friend.

  18. Oh my gosh! Adorable!
    Love your blog!

    New follower :)


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