Red Shoes

This weekend entails a lot of nothing for S and I. We fully intend on kicking up our feet and watching some great recorded TV, eating some bad-for-you food and catching the new Red Riding Hood movie. I know it looks kitschy, but we love Amanda Seyfried and it looks fun and tres sexy.

Another thing I'd love to do this weekend is to look for a great pair of red shoes. I just bought my first ever pair of red kicks from Maude earlier this winter and love them!

My own red beauties from Maude Boutique!

I wear them far more than I ever thought I would, which means my $29 investment was a good one : )

Marc Jacobs 683964

But the reason for searching for another pair of red shoes isn't solely to expand my footwear collection (even though, selfishly, that's part of it.) I'm actually taking part in the Red Pump Project for the remainder of March. I will wear red shoes at least once a week and once a weekend until April.

Note: I meant to post about this yesterday, on THE DAY I WAS SUPPOSED TO, but completely forgot. Apparently wedding planning has me losing my mind.

The Red Pump Project raises awareness about the impact of HIV/AIDS on women and girls. Red Pump uses the red shoe as a symbol of empowerment to represent women affected directly and indirectly with HIV/AIDS.

Of course I've been scouring the web for cute kicks this week, so y'all wouldn't have to search high and low for red shoes, if you decide to participate ; )

Steve Madden "Toppazz" in Red Suede

If you feel so inclined, join me in sporting red kicks for the month of March- I'd love to have some company!

Be blessed, lovelies-


  1. Sounds great! What a nice excuse to go shoe shopping!

  2. what a fun project! i am loving the steve madden's that you found --- i just might have join in ;)

  3. I think I'd like to kick my feet up this weekend, too...but I'd be wearing that first pair. Those are slightly hot.

    Okay. Really hot. ;)

    Have a "pumped" weekend.
    (Sorry...couldn't resist. Ha!)

  4. I love the ruffles on those! So cute, i wish i had the guts to wear red high heels. Have a lovely weekend!

  5. I want to see Red Riding Hood so badly. It's my favorite childhood fairytale and I'm disappointed the boyfriend seems less than thrilled about it. Oh well that's what on-demand is for right? :)

    Enjoy your weekend - all those pumps are amazing!

  6. I'll have to wonder around and look for some red shoes! Shouldn't be a problem and for a great cause!

  7. I want these shoes. All of them.

  8. the first pair are so nice and girlie looking! :)


  9. LOVING the ones you got! Those are AWESOME! I have some little red peep toes with a little gold accent thing I just got! :)


What'cha got?