Interview on Smashion

Hey guys! I did an interview last month with Smashion for their Fashion Lounge and just learned that it's up today!

I was humbled and a bit confused as to why anyone would want to interview me, but hey- I'll take it!

You can check it out here!

Be blessed, lovelies-


  1. Oh fun! How awesome is that?! Love it! Checking it out now!

  2. A woman's most beautiful feature is her confidence! I love that! Great interview, girl!

  3. Great interview! And I know why they wanted to talk to you...have to admit that once in a while when I'm having debates with myself about what to wear, I think "I need to get me an hour of personal styling with Leslie!"

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  5. Ok - my last post had major spelling issues. Let's try this again:

    Nice job on the interview! I too love a faux fur stole with jeans, it looks elegant yet approachable.


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