Monday (the day after Sunday)

It’s Monday…please try to contain your excitement.

1. So over the weekend, I discovered that my fiancé, my sports-loving, flag-football-playing, German Shepard-owning, bench press-doing fiancé, is quite the baker. Saturday, he surprised me with freshly baked blueberry muffins. From scratch. I was bowled over, y’all.

Afterward, he went outside to do manly things like hooking a boat to a trailer hitch, getting sweaty and backing his truck up when it would have been so easy to pull forward.

Men. Love em. Especially my own : )

2. Back in October, S decided he wanted a boat. And frankly, that was A-OK with me. This weekend, he got it out of storage and cleaned it up. I supervised from the kitchen. It was a big ole’ time.

Anywho, we are pretty pumped to get it out on the lake this summer and show Northwest Arkansas how boating is done.

I have no idea what I meant by that last sentence.

...in all its glory.

3. As mentioned on Friday, we did go see Red Riding Hood. No, I did not have to convince S, he went willingly and with enthusiasm. I mean, with the promise of risqué scenes involving a cute blonde in a cape, what red-blooded male wouldn’t want to go?

Plus, I bribed him with Mexican food beforehand.

In summary, we LOVED it. Yes, it’s kitschy. Yes, it’s a little cliché. But the story and the actors, (hello brilliant performance by veteran bad guy Gary Oldman!), made it all the more awesome. Catch it now while it's in theaters on the big screen. All the better to see it with….

4. So, ok.

Rarely do I go on rants on this blog. We typically talk cute clothes, make-up, movies and light-hearted randomness. However…

I got a semi-rude-ish email from a person (whom I’m guessing may have been a follower, though she’s never commented) alluding to the fact that my blog has turned in to a wedding blog and she didn’t care for it. And that she would be un-following from here on out.

In the words of my mom, “Honey- you have my blessing to do so.”


My blog, (although it wouldn’t be a blog without you awesome, amazing readers), is my blog.

My personal little space of webby-world.

It also functions as a journal of my life. (You see, I get hand cramps real bad when I write, so typing is just easier...

My family reads it. My best friends read it. My fiancé and his family read it. And gosh darn it, they want to know what’s going on in our lives.

I feel like I’ve provided a pretty even ratio of wedding/non-wedding posts since our engagement because I know that not all of you want to read about captivating topics like our color scheme, our honeymoon destination and what appetizers will be served at the reception, (mini-quiches or crab cakes??)

But my great aunt in Fennville, Michigan does want to know.

My family in Los Angeles wants to know.

And so does my mama.

And my old sorority sisters.

And in 5 years, I want to remember every detail about this wedding, this engagement and the honeymoon planning.

I digress.

I will continue to write both wedding and non-wedding posts, since this is, at the end of the day, a fashion blog. In fact, I’d say better than 60% of the content will/is non-nuptial stuff.

I love you all and have no idea why I felt compelled to write this or defend the content on this blog, since 99.99999% of you girls and guys have been NOTHING but supportive and lovely.

So please let this newly engaged southern girl have her wedding moment. Please? Eh?

I promise, as soon as it’s over, we’ll go back to full-time Birkin bags, recipes and make-up tips. Deal?

5. So, on a more positive note, tonight is the season finale of The Bachelor and I’m dying to know who he picks! Ok, so not really dying, but for some strange reason, I’ve gotten ten kinds of tied up in this show, despite having NEVER watched a previous season.

My bet is on Emily. Brad has mentioned his love of southern women (being a man below the Mason-Dixon himself) and she is the epitome of the “girl you take home to mom.” Plus she has blonde hair, and you know what they say about women with blonde hair and that disputed amount of increased fun we may have…

Be blessed, lovelies-


  1. Very well said, I can't understand the nerve of some people!! Love you blog since I came across it about a month ago.:)

  2. I don't know you personally but I still want to hear your wedding plans! I love weddings and hearing about all the details and work behind the big day. If you previous follower had a problem with it, I'd do exactly what you did. You are not forcing her to read :)

  3. I love the blog and don't change a thing girl!

  4. It's your blog and write what you want. That's what makes it yours and you! If they don't like the wedding topics move on to the fabulous bathing suit post right after it :)

  5. I have been following for a couple of months now and LOVE your blog. You are a doll - don't change anything!!

  6. Oh, definitely go with crab cakes :)

    And once you watch one season of the Bachelor, you're hooked. Trust me, I've been there. And I blog about it.


  7. I second your thoughts on "your blog" - I, for one, enjoy the wedding updates, the fashion posts AND your random posts! Keep truckin' on!

  8. we all voted on your poll that we wanted to hear about more personal stuff. And that's exactly what you're doing and the rest of us love it!

    can't wait to hear more details on the wedding!

  9. Red Riding Hood sound fantastic and so does your fiance!!
    so jealous of the blueberry muffins. && i'll have to go see that movies this week. have fun boating!

  10. Don't worry about losing one follower- because you have gained another! I just started following and like to hear your wedding plans- it kind of lets me re- live my own wedding again and it's fun! And I would go with crab cakes- yum.
    And I 2nd Emily- I can't wait for tonight's show- at least that's one good thing about a Monday :)

  11. I love reading about the wedding plans!!!!

  12. You are so cute honey! I love this post!!! Good for you that you have a journal of all the wedding process. I am having a giveaway that ends this Friday to celebrate Spring. Check it out and enter if you haven't already! Kori xoxo


  13. I love your wedding talk! Don't change a thing!

  14. Very well said! Your blog is yours, sweetie, so write exactly what you desire!


  15. Your readers in Connecticut want to know!


  16. I love when you mix your blog up, and if that girl doesn't like it there are 9,999,999 other blogs she can go read!

  17. I am right there with you on The Bachelor-I have never watched it before but I have been hooked in this season! I am rooting for Emily, too, being a fellow Southern girl!!

    PS: I LOVE that you talk about your wedding on your blog. I am currently trying to start tackling wedding planning and have no clue where to start and I am so amazed that you have everything down to a science! I'm so jealous!

  18. I can't believe someone took the time to tell you they didn't like your blog content! I don't understand why people think it's any of their say-so. Anyway, I LOVE your wedding posts, and even if I didn't, it's your blog...write about what you want!

  19. 1. You two will have SO much fun on the new boat - some of Husband and my favorite times together are spent on our boat hopping from one island to another on summer days.
    2. As a newlywed who still remembers the blissful days of wedding planning, enjoy every moment as an engaged lady! We love hearing about it - I promise. ;) XOXO

  20. To hell with people who don't want to read about such an important and fun time in your life. They obviously weren't reading for good reasons anyway, right?

    And PS, we HAVE to make this martini thing work.

  21. I've heard good things about Red Riding Hood, I'll have to check it out. And I think he's gonna pick Emily!!!

  22. I just recently started following your blog and I absolutely love it! I just got married in December in Fort Smith. And us Arkansas girls love to blog, I tried starting my own, but can't seem to keep it up lol but I love reading yours and love hearing about your wedding! Keep it up!! Enjoy the wedding planning, because once the wedding day comes, you'll wonder what to plan next.. :)

  23. I just started reading because I want to hear about your wedding!

  24. May I just say that I have never commented before but I L!O!V!E! hearing all about your wedding. Gives us this sweet glimpse into your world. And after the wedding, when and if a baby comes along I sure do hope you allow us to peek inside that world as well!! :)
    And I do agree that blondes do in fact have more fun!! :)

  25. There's a lot to comment on here. :)

    1. He bakes? KEEP HIM! My hub is great in the kitchen. I even embroidered a chef's coat for him that says "Iron Chef ____ (our last name)". :) He looks hot in it! And by hot, I mean hawt! Ha!

    2. We live in Miami, so we go saltwater fishing in our boat a lot (not enough for Hubby). It IS a lot of fun, but it gets expensive and very time consuming. These days, my job is to keep our 3 kiddos from jumping overboard (ha!). Enjoy it, though. Not many get to experience that kind of thing!

    3. Hello! It's YOUR blog. Amazing. If someone doesn't want to read what you write, then they don't have to read. Why on earth would she email you? Bizarre and ridiculous. I don't get people.

    4. I'm rooting for Emily! I didn't think Brad would want to take on role as "father", but after seeing him in Africa with those children, I'm wondering if they touched a spot in his heart, you know?

    Can't wait to read more of what YOU write! ;)

    Sophisticated Steps

  26. Just be you. The rest of us love it :) Enjoy every moment of planning and preparation...you deserve to! Thanks for being willing to share that portion of your life with us. MademoiselleMichael

  27. if you don't change the way you blog, you'll lose one follower.

    if you do change the way you blog, you'll lose a lot more than that.

    we love you for you so don't let one silly (not to mention dumb, worthless, loser) person ruin your day and make this blog any less amazing than it is.

    theres my speech.
    (and i can say all this because i have yet to have that hater-ade follower to deal with so i can preach full happiness without feeling like i'm not telling the truth)


  28. We've been debating getting a boat for ages--enjoy yours! We are just never sure if the upkeep is worth the money? I'm a total water baby, so, I say it's worth it, but, the hubs doesn't so much agree. Sigh....

  29. So far your blog has absolutely not turned into a wedding blog at all! I'm sure there is way more you could be blogging about but aren't. Now my blog...sort of did turn into a wedding blog but I agree that you need not make any apologies. If and when you decide to have a child that is another change that you will likely blog about. If people aren't interested that's OK they don't have to read. Interests like people change. I never apologize for what I write or how often I choose to do it or not. It's my blog!!

    I LOVE Amanda Seyfried. Looking forward to seeing Little Red Riding hood.

  30. I love your blog! I just got married in December, and love to see weddings - and love to see other things too! If you lose her as a follower - don't worry, I think you have a LOT of loyal followers who will always read!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. I agree that this is your blog you write whatever you want and whatever is on your mind,your blog is a great mix of everything, so keep on typing girl!!

  32. If I were you, I would continue to post about the wedding too! Like you said, this is YOUR blog! I think it's actually funny that people are getting put out about you sharing about your life! I think it's interesting to hear your take on fashion AND about your wedding!!! :)

  33. Hear, hear! Your blog - write what you want! I love it!

  34. I was sooooo excited for the finale too!!!

  35. Please - BRING ON THE WEDDING STUFF GIRL! You're right it's your blog and frankly I know most of us want to see every glamours detail!

    P.S. Why don't you two swing that lovely boat down to Alabama for an afternoon - we'll party on the lake :)

  36. I wouldn't be upset if you blogged MORE about wedding stuff!! DO IT!! It's your blog lovely lady... alllll yours :)

  37. oh honey it is your blog and it is lovely with whatever you write about, hence why i'll always come back no matter what you write! i bet that reader was just jealous so don't pay her any mind. thinking of you and i just love your blog!


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