Sweet Nothingness


It's Thursday. Let's talk some blonde, southern fried randomness!

1. Charlie Sheen has lost his ever-lovin' mind, y'all. Seriously. If you haven't experienced the captivating train wreck that is Charlie Sheen 2.0, click here.

2. I have decided that Forever 21 is the all-around best place to shop when you are in a pinch (both timewise and financially) and need something cute to wear. I've gotten several "Holy crap, it's 70 degrees outside and I've got nothing to wear!" pieces there lately and even scored a cute, houndstooth print coat for $20 last week. Did you know that $20 coats existed? Me either, which made it all the more exciting.

Thank you Forever 21, for being so darn awesome to us girls that don't have gazillions of dollars to spend at the drop of a hat!

3. I'm doing a post next week called  'Things Women Should Never, Ever Wear- Not Even If They're 5'10" and 100 pounds.'

Such a catchy and brief title, right?

If you can think of some truly irritating and/or atrocious styles that you've seen in recent history, (such as the floral maxi dress or Ugg boots), email me and let me know- askblondeambition{at}gmail{dot}com. I can't promise to tread lightly around this topic, but I will make my best effort to be fair, as it may hit close to home for some of us. (FYI- I've owned some pretty revolting stuff myself throughout my 26 years. And I may or may not have purchased an orange maxi dress 2 summers ago in an effort to branch out with my style. Massive Fail.)

4. In other "hold on to your hat" blog news, I have started putting together a "Proper Hair Poofing- Southern Style" video tutorial that I'll feature later this month. It's been a LONG time comin', but I'm excited to share my poofing secrets with the blog world.

I live by the motto, "The higher the poof, the closer to God."

I'm thinking of making T-shirts.

5. The last statement was purely in jest. It's real hard to find a figure flattering T-shirt and I can't run the risk of sending you readers out into the world with boxy, un-becoming tees.

6. I saw a poster the other day on a bulletin board at work advertising a Charity 1K.

A 1K??

Isn't that like half a mile or something? And is it really beneficial for anyone to do a 1K? Why not just have a picnic and ask for donations instead, sparring everyone the B.O. and sweat that comes with cardiovascular exercise? Why mask it under the veil of a Something-K? Why not just call it a Charity Half-Mile?

I'm not sure why this bothers me, but it does.

7. I know we still have a ways to go before summer, but is anyone beside themselves with anticipation for the return of True Blood? I'm ready for all the Sookie, Bill and Eric that HBO can provide. June 12, 2011 people- remember that date!

8. Do you guys ever go through spurts of craving certain foods?

I've recently gotten on a kick where I literally cannot get enough Subway salads. Weird, I know. I guess I could be craving something much less healthy, like pizza or Twinkies (actually scratch that- never really cared for the Twinkie). It's bizzaro though and I know it's probably driving S batty. Every night he'll say, "What should we eat for dinner?" and I say "How about a fresh Subway salad with turkey and ranch dressing?".

Being the southern gentleman he is, he obliges me and drives us to Subway. He devours his meatball/pepperoni/cheese/marinara sauce concoction that probably runs somewhere in the neighborhood of 9,000 calories (and still manages to maintain his washboard stomach...seriously, SO NOT FAIR.)

I'm either turning into a rabbit, or my efforts to eat healthier foods are slowly becoming second nature. Eh?

9. Have I told you lately that I love you? (I'm actually singing this to y'all in my Rod Stewart sing-songy voice.)

Be blessed, lovelies-


  1. yummm a subway salad sounds so so great! ...except a meatball sub sounds just as great. haha

  2. This post made me laugh - love your random days! I can't wait for your video tutorial - I love to see how other people pouf! And agreed about Forever 21.. I wish ours in Memphis wasn't so terrible! Gotta get my fix online usually

  3. A 1k charity race! Freaking hilarious. And I forget about Forever 21 especially since I haven't been shopping in what feels like ages but it is a cool store.

  4. A 1K? 1K? Well colour me befuddled!


  5. this made me laugh! You are just so cute. The 1K is the most ridiculous thing I think I've ever heard of. as for the awful fashion trends, i have to admit I will never give up my ugg boots.And forever 21 is most definitely the best store ever!

  6. Hilarious is the only word needed here. :)

  7. Oh my word, I love Forever 21, too!! It is the greatest for last minute finds. :) Can't wait for the hair poof tutorial!!

  8. Looking forward to the poof lesson and the fashion no-no blog! haha! I've seen many a trend that is NOT okay. I'll have to think about this one...

  9. Your the cutest :) Hope you LOVE your sign :)

  10. I love True Blood! If you haven't read the books the series is based off of, I highly recommend it.

  11. oh my! a. Charlie Sheen has gone off the deep end, but guess ppl love a train wreck since he got over 1 million twitter followers in a day. b. Can't wait for the new season of True Blood... can't come fast enough. c. Forever 21=love. Just got 3 dresses all under $50! *Carrie

  12. This post made my day! Love your randomness!

  13. apple slices with peanut butter... have had this about 5 times this week... mostly for breakfast, but also once for lunch and once for dinner

  14. always love your thursday posts... too cute. ;)

  15. Yes, Charlie is to be pitied. I wish the media would shut up about him.

    I cannot wait to read your post on What Girls Should Not Wear. Perhaps you even need to publish a book, but then those that need it probably wouldn't buy it. :o)

    I'm with you on the picnic!

    Joyful blessings to you!

  16. I have a love hate relationship with Forever 21. Currently, I love! xo


  17. so glad i came across your blog :) i love love love forever 21- usually i can find some great pieces for a great price like you said :) and charlie..wow..gone off the deep end for sure! can't wait to see what you post next! xo

  18. I'm excited for your proper hair poofing guide. I have to say that I love to poof my hair and can't wait to see how you to it to maybe change up my style a little bit.

    I'm scared for the what no one should wear guide. I fear that I might violate a rule or two, seeing as I love my Ugg boots and have worn them out of the house a time or two...but I won't be offended. I'll take all advice to heart... :)

  19. ha ha 1k?! that is pretty ridiculous and that subway sounds amazing!!


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