Meet Smashion

Today, I want to introduce y'all to the newest sponsor of A Blonde Ambition. Meet Smashion! If you aren't yet acquainted with the awesomeness that is Smashion, allow me to introduce you.

Their website defines Smashion as "a social fashion site that features a free marketplace connecting people with a passion for fashion. Express your style, connect with others, and have fun buying and selling without paying a fee!"

Interested yet? Allow me to elaborate...

Smashion enables its members to express their unique style, connect with others to discuss fashion trends, and save money buying - or make money selling - lightly worn or NWT (new with tags) clothing, accessories, footwear, and more with no transaction or listing fees.

On Smashion, it's easy to find items that are perfect for you at budget-friendly prices. Follow deal discussions in the visually driven forums or search across the site for items appealing specifically to you. Love this season's wide leg jeans or floral dresses? On Smashion, you can connect with others who love that look, too. Use the forums to join conversations on trends, favorite boutiques or shopping districts, new designers, and more. Or start your own discussions around the topics that interest you.

Want to learn more about selling on Smashion? Forget Ebay or consignment shops, (that's soooo 2010), it's much easier and profitable to sell here! With no transaction fees, you'll pocket more selling on Smashion than on other sites.
I seriously could go on and on about how much I LOVE this site. It's so much better than Amazon or Ebay for finding good quality clothing and accessories that are cutting-edge-trendy.

Pop on over to Smashion right now and give 'em some blog love, alrighty?

Be blessed, lovelies-


  1. Very nice. I will go explore on the site now!

  2. Leslie,

    I will definitely check this out. By the way, I love your blog design. Who made it? It's fabulous. I am so happy for you & your fiance! I can't wait to get married.. but I am not rushing it! (I'm only 21). Have a fabulous week.

    [ keep calm & blog on ] www.pinkmascaraa.blogspot.com

  3. I visited this site yesterday and purchased my Easter dress. It is Ann Taylor Loft, with tags still on, originally purchased for $128, a red silk beauty that I bought for $28 with tax and shipping. You are my hero for introducing me to this site! :)

  4. I hadn't heard of this site, but I joined yesterday! Thanks for sharing!

  5. sounds like a smashing good site! ;P

  6. OhMyGoodness. Love! I just signed up and made my first purchase- an orange and canvas LuLu bag for $3.00!!

    Thanks so much for sharing!


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